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Increasing Awareness, Care and Treatment for CAPS
and other autoinflammatory diseases.
About Us
The Autoinflammatory Alliance is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to promoting awareness, proper diagnosis and treatment, and improved care for people with autoinflammatory diseases.

There are many autoinflammatory diseases with symptoms that are present from childhood or infancy. A few develop symptoms in adulthood, or late childhood. Sytemic Autoinflammatory Diseases (SAID) are life-long diseases.
  1. To continue increasing awareness about autoinflammatory diseases.

    For example, There are specific signs and symptoms with CAPS that are present at birth or in early infancy, such as: Characteristic rashes, fevers, abnormal lab findings, and other symptoms. Earlier diagnosis and treatment of these rare syndromes, especially in early childhood, could greatly improve the quality of life for patients.
  2. Act as a united voice worldwide to promote improved collaboration amongst healthcare professionals dealing with autoinflammatory diseases; so that all people suffering from these rare syndromes can have an accurate diagnosis and improved access to the most beneficial care and treatment available.
  3. To serve as a resource and advocate for individuals, families, and friends that are dealing with autoinflammatory diseases.
  4. Encourage medical and pharmaceutical groups to continue researching treatments for autoinflammatory diseases.
  5. Increase collaboration on projects and awareness efforts with other organizations that deal with autoinflammatory diseases. We are also interested in working with organizations that are helping to improve research, care, awareness and quality of life for patients with rare diseases worldwide.

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Annual Reports
Please feel free to look at our annual reports and financial statements. These are very basic reports, but informative.